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How to keep your carpets clean

If you clean your carpets properly, they may last a lot longer than you can imagine. For this purpose, make sure you use the effective strategies in order to keep your carpets look fresh for years to come. The tips given below may help you with this.

Vacuum height

Make sure your vacuum is not too low. If it is, you may risk damaging your carpet and the roller brush of the vacuum. In the same way, if it’s too high, chances are that it won’t be able to pick the dirt.

In order to set the right height, we suggest that you set it to the highest value and then lower it. Then you may want to test it on a small area to see it how it goes.

Vacuum more often

If you want to protect your rugs and carpets, make sure you vacuum areas that get a lot of traffic. And these areas should be cleaned at least twice per week. One major benefit of frequent vacuuming is that it will cut down on the accumulation of soil buildup.

Change filters

It’s important to keep in mind that a dirty cup, filter or bag may have a negative impact on the power of the equipment. At times, bagless vacuums don’t work just because they have bad filters. So, what you need to do is wash or replace the filters if you have a vacuum that has no bag. It’s better to get a new bag every three months.

Vacuum more

It’s a better idea to vacuum at slow speed to make sure it catches as much dust and dirt as possible. it’s better to vacuum more on areas that have high traffic.

Place walk-off mats

Another trick to keep your carpets clean is to use quality walk-off mats in the middle of each door inside your house.

Hope these tips will help.